Know Your Customer. Kycop is a simple, fast and cost effective solution to keep you ahead of the game

We provide a turnkey service that will create you, your one unique portal with instant access that will allow you a professional solution to complete verifications. This may be created for companies in financial services, medical, Crypro ICO’s, along with many many more industries where a KYC is a requirement.

Our Product

Professional Service

We are experienced in completing KYC verification. We have been responsible in completing for over 6000 verifications worldwide including countries like the USA, UK, Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, Indonesia, Japan, China and many many more.

Advanced Client Panel

We are able to create your own Custom KYC panel on either our website at or on your own subdomain that you create and configure to our server Please see our demo for the backend:

Emails Notifications

Our platform will create unique user accounts for your participants to login at any time to check their status as “Approved”, “Rejected” or “Pending”. When this changes they will also automatically receive an email from the system to inform them of any status change.

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OUR added specialised ICO specific Services

Bounty KYC

We are experienced in dealing with Bounty KYC participants. We will reject or verify participants on your behalf. Cross check all the names to the OFAC database.

AirDrop KYC

We have completed and are experienced in completing AIRDROP KYC’s for thousands of applicants. It involves translating documents from all over the world. Our team of experienced specialists will verify the participants for you along with checking the names to the OFAC database for AML.

Dedicated KYC

We will package your ICO to comply with all the requirements of compliance in regards to KYC for whitelisting all the way though to bounty, airdrop and beta programs where you will need to make sure you keep compliant with KYC before issuing any of your digital assets

Bounty Management

As we are very experienced with ICO’s we already have up to 5000+ trusted and willing participants to join your ICO bounty program. We know how important this part of the marketing is and how often this “large” expense is not utilized to the full because of poor bounty management. We know the ropes and are very skilled and getting the best returns for you.

Telegram Operation

This is an extremely difficult 24/7 task. It is literally non-stop. We are experienced in managing ICO telegram groups providing positive and professional replies and responses based on your ICO.

ICO Whitelisting

We are able to offer the service of just KYC and the whitelisting for your ICO. You will have full access to this instantly from your dedicated panel on this platform.

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Your own Platform where you manage the participants yourselves. IE manage the ADMIN and Managers panels.

  • US$ 1500 (Basic Setup) to US$5000 depending on volume required
  • 12 months.
  • This will provide 1 admin login, plus 3 seperate “manager logins’ to do the verifications.
  • Maximum uploads - 100 to 2000 (This will determine the price)
  • Number of emails sent from the system - 500 to 10000 (This will determine the price)


Your own Platform where we manage the participants for you. IE we manage the ADMIN and Managers panels and complete the verifications. You would have full access to the CLIENT Panel to have access to the participants in “real time”.

  • We complete verifications to. Checking names and addresses to the documents that the participants upload. Once this is complete we check the names to the OFAC database to make sure they are not included before we verify.
  • US$ 1500 setup.
  • 12 months.
  • This will provide you with 3 separate CLIENT panel accounts to login into.
  • 0 to 2000 verifications - +US$3500
    Max emails from system 10K
  • 2001 to 5000 Verifications - +US$3500 (IE US$7000)
    Max emails from system 10K
  • 5001 to 10000 Verifications - +US$3500 (IE US$10500)


This is a taylored price fitted to your requirements on request - for example, to have this application hosted on your own website you will also need to take this option, which in the case of “hosting” this on your site, it would also involve adding specialised hosting, email hosting, Cloudflare and Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) all at your own expense.

These individual packages can be expensive, especially if you wish to add additional functions etc. These packages typically cost US$10000+ depending on what exactly is required.